Gatsby and Othello Comparison

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  • The way in which society influences romantic relationships
    • Jealousy
      • Gatsby tries to change Daisy's past because he is jealous that she loved Tom and chose him
      • Othello goes mad with jealousy, has angry fits and kills his wife
    • Reputation
      • Othello destroys his relationship because he believes his reputation has been ruined- he has become a cuckold
      • Gatsby loves Daisy for her reputation
    • Money
      • Gatsby wants Daisy for her money
      • Desdemona is expected to marry a Venetian aristocrat, not Othello, to keep money in that part of society
    • Tradition/  religion
      • Traditional roles and biblical commandments influence Othello. Desdemona is expected to obey her husband, which makes her supposed betrayal such a big deal, worthy of death
      • Traditionally in 1920's America women didn't work and relied on husbands to be breadwinners. This explains  Daisy choosing Tom over Gatsby, as well as Gatsby's efforts to become rich and successful


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