The Czech Crisis and the Brezhnev Doctrine

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  • The Czech Crisis and the Brezhnev Doctrine
    • Czech Crisis, 1968
      • Jan 1968: Czech.. gets a new leader who makes democratic reforms but stays allied to the USSR and in the Warsaw Pact
      • Prague Spring: large peaceful protests
        • caused similar instances in other countries like Romania
      • USSR's dilemma
        • there was no intervention by the West in 1956
          • however, an invasion could ruin the USSR's peaceful image and strengthen NATO
      • Invasion of Czech...
        • 20-21st Aug 1968
        • Czech leader had promised to control criticism of the USSR
          • However, a visit by the Romanian leader made the USSR fear a breakdown of the Eastern Bloc
        • Invaded by USSR, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria
          • Czech leaders arrested and taken back to Moscow
    • Brezhnev Doctrine
      • 25th Sept. 1968
      • Declares that the USSR's allies had the duty to invade countries that were moving away from communism
      • Helped extend the Cold War as there were no hopes of fragmentation in the Eastern Bloc


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