The Cardiac Cycle

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  • The Cardiac Cycle
    • Cardias diastole is the relaxation of the cardiac muscle, firstly of the atria then the ventricles
    • Cardiac systole is the contraction of the cardiac muscle, firstly the atria then the ventricles
    • Diastole
      • As the atria and then the ventricles relax, they expand drawing blood into the atria
      • The pressure in the atria increases opening AV valves
      • Blood passively enters the ventricles
      • SL valves are closed to prevent blood from leaving the heart
    • Atrial systole
      • The atria contract, forcing remaining blood into the ventricles
    • Ventricular systole
      • The ventricles contract, increasing the pressure closing AV valves to prevent backflow into the atria
      • SL valves are forced open as blood is ejected from the ventricles into the aorta and pulmonary


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