Text 17 Transcript of Nigella Lawson

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  • Text 17 - Nigella Transcript
    • Graphology
      • Not easy to navigate since big blocks of text
      • Italics used to give stage directions
    • Grammar
      • No use of grammar since text is a transcript
      • Informal use of grammar since sentences starting with 'and'
      • Irregular sentence structure 'bit of oil in the pan'
      • First person narrative
      • Filled pauses showing passing of time
    • Phonology
      • Use of alliteration to make the food sound more appetising
      • Phonetic spellings to show informality
    • Lexis
      • Complex lexis 'bruschetta' 'frittata' shows high knowledge
      • Use of imperatives used to give direction
    • Attitudes and values
      • We all have hangovers
      • Valuing prepared breakfasts
    • Context of production and reception
      • Text produced on BBC
      • Specific type of show
    • Purpose, audience, form
      • To direct and inform
      • Fans of Nigella Lawson and people who enjoy cooking
      • Transcript


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