compare 2 texts where spoken voices are represnted

essay plan for the abovw question, involving texts 17 and 19

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Compare two texts where spoken voices are represented
Text 17 Text 19
Purpose and context (audience) To entertain and inform viewers of To entertain
cooking the food Aimed at those interested in English
Aimed at those who like watching spoken language, and possibly
Nigella and are interested in studying English, considering it is
cooking from a book about spoken English
Lexis Positive lexis- descriptions use Informal lexis-use of abbreviations
adjectives "golden" connote "veggy" and informal types of food
happiness, enjoyment "nachos" "potato skins" and lexis
Informal lexis- "wake up, shake, up such as "hi" instead of `hello'
go get em" identify with viewer, conversational tone, relaxed
conversational feel atmosphere
Phonology Alliteration "speedy shortcut, Ellipsis- "what you gonna have?"
chocolate croissants, or spicy Elision- "gonna"
scrambled egg" faster tone Fillers- "erm"
suggesting it is easy to make and
All create informal tone and create a
also emphasises how delicious it is
conversational and fast paced text.
Syntax Mix of short and long sentences with Tag question "don't do cider, do
varying lengths of pauses in them you?" informal tone, more thoughtful
"anyway(.) like a bit of heat in the less direct. Helps reader to see the
morning (-) chop the chili (.) well(.)" thought process of the character
makes viewer feel involved in the
conversation, as it creates a chatty

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