ELLB1 - Analysing Text 1 from the 'Food Anthology'.

An in-depth analysis of the techniques used by Topping in the first text of the 'Food Glorious Food' Anthology.

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ELLB1 (Food Anthology) ­ Poetry:
Analysis of Text 1 ­ The Context:
"I wrote this poem to explore my feelings of
Butcher's Shop. horror as a child, when my parents took me
to shops like this one to buy meat. I enjoyed
Angela Topping eating meat, despite the fact that I felt
repulsed by how it looked on display. The
iconography of the butcher's tiles was just
like my alphabet books, and all the nursery
rhymes and baby games were in my head
as well: `what does the sheep say?' And yet
we were eating these animals. There was
something nasty about it all, yet I loved
meat and I still do."
Feature... Explanation...
Genre Literary Poem
Audience Meat Eaters, Fans of Topping (children?)
Purpose To comment/influence/entertain
Subject A realistic, but perhaps gruesome, description of a Butcher's shop. A moral
about eating meat is conveyed.
Form & Structure Free verse
1 stanza
Use of enjambment, `they hang | stiff as Sunday manners'
No images etc, left to reader ­ looks serious
Use of pragmatics... suggests blame
Lexis Choice(s) The author directly addresses the reader through the use of
personal pronouns which appears confrontational ­ `your could and
soggy paper bag bleeds'
Descriptive language full of adjectives makes the reader sympathise
with the animals ­ `cold and soggy'. Animals appear defenceless ­
Juxtaposition `The pigs are strung in rows, open mouthed, | dignified
in martyrs deaths.'
Uses lexis in the semantic field of death ­ `bleeds'
Language is made to seem innocent, eg `all the way home' (one
piggy went to market) then takes a serious turn. ­ `Cute illustrations
in a children's book. what does the sheep say now?'
Grammar Rhetorical Questions ­ `What does the sheep say now?' The use of
a question mark provoking thought to the reader.
Figurative Metaphor in `Meaty Smile' ­ connotes meat with death and the
butcher being sinister
Language Simile ­ `Fingers fat as sausages', sausages being in the semantic
field of meat.
Phonology Alliteration -`snowy sheep'
Tone Confrontational ­ use of personal pronouns to directly address the
Comparison(s) Vegetarian society, both texts promote vegetarianism ­ despite this
possibly not being the sole purpose of this poem (read context)
Beef Stroganoff - Text 8 - one is confrontational, one is friendly
Nigella - Text 17 - One demotes, one promotes


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