Tesco Case Study

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  • Tesco
    • how have they glocalised?
      • Thailand
        • "wet" market
        • open 9.09 - lucky
      • Malaysia
        • prayer room
        • sell pork at separates stores due to chinese + islamic
      • China
        • sell fresh frogs and eels
      • FCC's
        • taught how to use self service, trolleys, idea of packaged goods
    • Impacts on Profits
      • 60% of Tesco's international profits now come from Asia
      • in April 2007 profits exceeded £2 billion
      • Profits in South Korea and Thailand encouraged 56 and 119 stores to open
      • Tesco own' brands created more than £1billion profit
    • Impacts on Activities
      • gives food suppliers garunteed market
      • inspires other oversea comanies to creat "express" + "local" stores meaning more profits
      • often bad working conditions - health and safety
      • 1,250 oversea stores create 450,00 jobs
      • increases amount of skills in population
      • encourages people to reuse own bags by greenpoint
      • huge emitter of GHG gases due to shipping of products all over world
        • reduces impacts by cutting packaging on own brand products
    • Impacts on Locations
      • eroding local communities making them buy the same products
        • Thailand  stores contain "wet" market
      • native industry can't compete
      • improved infrastructure
      • Hemet Caliifornia not used to cultural ways
        • packaging individually wrapped croissant
      • overseas customers like the variety of products and said it's easier
      • deforestation
      • consumers benefited from lower prices
      • economy of Malaysia recovered in 2009 due to Tesco
      • manufacturing in LEDCs who are paid 50- or less an hour
        • means products can sold cheaply increasing profits
          • e.g. 2007 - Tesco Value Jeans £3.00
  • eroding local communities making them buy the same products
    • Thailand  stores contain "wet" market


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