The Restless Earth - Plate Margins

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  • Plate Margins
    • Destructive
      • Two plates moving towards each other
      • Oceanic plate and continental plate
        • Denser oceanic plate forced down into mantle and destroyed
      • Often creates volcanoes and ocean trenches
      • Two continental plates
        • Smash together - no crust destroyed
      • E.g. east coast of Japan
      • Image
    • Constructive
      • Two plates moving away from each other
      • Any type of plate
      • Magma rises and cools, creating new crust
      • E.g. mid-Atlantic ridge
      • Image
      • Pulled apart by convection currents in magma
    • Conservative
      • Two plates moving sideways past each other
      • Two plates moving in the same direction but at different speeds
      • Crust isn't created or destroyed
      • Can cause earthquakes - built up pressure
      • E.g. west coast of the USA
      • Image


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