The Restless Earth, Summary

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  • Restless Earth
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    • Structure of the earth
      • The earth is made up of 4 layers; the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.
      • Convection currents inside the Mantle move melted rock to the Crust/the earths surface.
        • The convection currents move the tectonic plates, this creates different plate margins.
          • A Constructive Plate margin is when two oceanic plates pull apart from each other, this creates a crack in the mantle where magma pushes up creating new land.
            • An example of this is the mid Atlantic ridge.
          • Destructive Pate margins are when an oceanic plate and a continental plate are being forced into one another. The continental plate pushes the oceanic plate down where the plate is melted
            • An example of this is the Nazca Plate and the south American Plate
          • A Conservative Plate margin is when two plates slide against each other at different speeds.
            • An example of this is the san andreas falt.
      • The Earths Crust is made up of tectonic plates; oceanic plates and Continental
        • Continental Plates are older and cannot sink or be destroyed.
        • Oceanic Plates are newer and can sink and be destroyed
        • tectonic Plates are constantly moving
      • Volcanoes
        • Composite Volcano
          • A Composite volcano normally forms near a destructive Plate boundary, it forms when layers of magma and ash build up and create a dome shape.
            • An example of this is
        • Shield Volcano
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