The Restless earth

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  • The Restless Earth
    • Layers of the earth: Inner Core; Outer Core; Mantle; and Crust
      • Crusts:  Continental (thicker, less dense) and Oceanic (thinner, more dense)
        • Plate Margins: Destructive; Constructive; Conservative
    • Fold Mountains are formed when plates collide at destructive plate margins
      • Used for: farming; mining; hydro-electric power; forestry; and tourism
    • Volcanoes are found at destructive and constructive plate margins
      • Three types of volcano: composite; shield; and dome
        • Supervolcanoes are massive volcanoes
    • Earthquakes occur at all three types of plate margin
      • Can be measured by a Richer scale or the Mercalli scale
    • Tsunamis are earthquakes or volcanic action that take place under the ocean


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