GCSE Geography, The restless earth (simple)

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  • The Restless Earth
    • Earthquakes
      • Conservative Plate Margins
        • When the two plates ride against each other it causes friction. this build up of pressure is finally released.
      • Destructive Plate Margins
        • When the oceanic plate sub-ducts under the continental, pressure builds up. This pressure is released.
      • Epicenter
        • The epicenter is the place on the surface of the earth, directly above the focus.
      • Focus
        • The point where the seismic waves come from inside the earth.
    • Volcanoes
      • Cone
        • Caused when the slow moving, lumpy andasetic lava builds up and eventually cools.
        • Less frequent yet violent eruptions. Grey eruptions.
      • Shield
        • Caused when the basaltic lava runs far and eventually cools
        • Frequent but not violent eruptions. Red eruptions. High silica content in lava.
    • Tsunamis
      • Tsunamis are caused by a 'stick & slip' motion. When plates are subducted they can get stuck but eventually the pressure that has built up is released when the plate flicks up. This causes a huge wall of water.


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