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Developed by Karl Marx in
the latter part of the 19th
century…read more

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Learning targets:
· Marxism is concerned for the poor and
· It claims that society is in conflict between the
rich who control everything and the poor who
must work for the rich and gain little in reward
for their work.
· The rich are able to maintain their position of
power through control of the law, the police and
other forms of authority.
· The rich also control the manufacture of ideas
about society through controlling the media and
education so poor people are taught to believe
that capitalism is a good thing.…read more

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Karl Marx protested against:
· Industrialization
and urbanization
· Capitalists who
personal profits by
exploiting workers…read more

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Mid- Late Nineteenth
Century Britain
· Unrest and protest ­
· Long hours, low pay
· Periodic unemployment
· No Welfare State
· No universal right to vote…read more

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Marx's insight:
It's all about money…read more

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