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The theoretical prospectives and the key concepts.

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Key Concepts


A dominant set of beliefs held by a group of people within a society.

Mode of Address 

the tone or register of a communication. Helps to indicate what the communicator assumes about the audience.


The way in which reality is constructed through methods of communication. 

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Key Concepts Continued . . .


The ways in which meanings are structured as stories.


technical methods of communication. 


to act with force (influence) and have authority over others.

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1. Theoretical Prospective


 Feminists criticise male dominated society - also known as a patriarchal society.

Feminists criticise western society because of sexual objectification, exploitation and sexualisation. 

The media represent women as sex objects, mothers or housewives.

Popular culture perpetuates this inequality through magazines, music videos and adverts. 

Liberal feminists - media

Radical feminists - men 

Social feminists - economic structure

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2. Theoretical Prospective

Post Colonialism

-Considers the impact of colonisation on culture. 

Cultural imperialism : promoting a more powerful culture over others. 

Britain were the colonisers.

Re asserting cultural identities - to break down stereotypes, ethnic groups reassert their culture traditions, norms and values. 

They argue that white people dominate our society and people think of people from different cultures to be inferior to the english white. 

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3. Theoretical Prospective

Post Modernism

Argue that we have all had different experience therefore we all have different views and opinions on things. - fragmented. 

Parody - Usuing humour to take the ****. 

Pastiche - a direct copy of something - humour.

Satire - whole story built around taking the ****. 

Implosion:- not understanding the difference between real like and simulated experience.

They believe that their is no such thing as originality in popular culture - simulation. 

Scepticism of the idea of univeral truth - they disagree that there is one big idea. 

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4. Theoretical Prospective


Criticises a capitalist society. 

Veblen - Commodity Fetishism: The obsession with buying stuff.

Marcuse - False Needs: We are made to believe that we need stuff that we dont. 

Interpellation: We relate to celebrities and it makes us want stuff so we can be more like them. 

Hegemony: dominance of one class over another. 

Superstructure: all things in society that make you believe in capitalism. 

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