Techniques to Add Bits and Bobs

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  • Techniques to add bits and bobs
    • Collars
      • Lapel Collar
        • Part of a garment that folds back normally against the breast
      • Swan-Necked Collar
        • Opening of a collar looks like a swan's neck/nozzle
      • Poet Collar
        • Soft shirt collar, with long points angled between the collar bone and lapels
      • Peter Pan Collar
        • Flat, round cornerd collar
      • Bow Neck Collar
        • Large pointed collar with a bow between two points
    • Seams
      • Open Seam
        • Can be used on any type of fabric
        • Simple
      • Closed Seam
        • Simple
        • neatens the edges
        • can be used on any fabric type
      • Flat Fell Seam
        • used for reversible garments and jeans
        • Strong & neat
      • Lapped Seam
        • Fabrics that don't fray
          • e.g Leather and suede
      • Boned Seam
        • Used for bridal and evening wear outfits
    • Adding Volume
      • Ruffles
      • Frills
      • Pleats
        • Boxed pleats
        • Knife pleats


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