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Textiles Components
By Aimee…read more

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Eyelets and lacing
· Eyelets (or traditionally known as a small
grommet) is a ring inserted into a piece of
· They are used in shoes, corsets, curtains, etc
· Laces are used to thread through the eyelets
· This enables movement depending on how
the eyelets are placed ­ it allows clothing to
be tightly fitted which can be taken off easily
without tearing the fabric…read more

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· A button is a small fastener, although they can
come in various sizes and shapes, with
different patterns and textures
· Generally, thread is used to sew the buttons
into place, where a hole is made in the fabric
or created using extra material so the button
can be fastened through
· Buttons have also been used for decoration
widely in present day…read more

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Buttons cont'd
· The majority of buttons contain holes in the
centre for easy attachment onto the fabric
· However, there are buttons which do not
contain holes for thread to be passed through,
such as Mandarin buttons
· Buttons can be used for all varieties of things,
from hats to shoes, bags to accessories…read more

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