Tartuffe By Molière

Just revision mind map that can be added to just got a few main points 

mostly in English, not all accents present on french spellings, 

Main Themes, 

Main Techniques 

Why is it popular today? 

Main Characters 

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  • Tartuffe by Moliere
    • Main Themes
      • Religious Hypocrisy
      • The position of women at the time
      • The position of the working class at the time
      • The image of the bourgeoisie
      • The Importance of Family
      • Religion
      • Forced Marriage
    • Main Characters
      • Orgon
        • Dupe, Riche, Autoritaire, Respecteux, obsédé (par Tartuffe) ,influencable
      • Mariane
        • fragile, naive, emotive, jeune
      • Elmire
        • efficace, humble, intelligente , riche, jolie, patiente, respecteux, calme, sagesse
      • Damis
        • riche, emotif, nerveux,sociable, charmant
      • Tartuffe
        • Malin, un faux-devot, un imposteur, hypocrite,profiteur, intelligent, rusé, malhonnete
      • Dorine
        • Elle dit ce qu'elle pense , intelligent, jolie, franche, moqueur , courage , drole
      • Valere
      • Cleainte
      • Madame Pernelle
    • Techniques Used
      • la fronde
      • opposed and exaggerated characters
      • Controversial Themes (position of women, image of the  middle class, religious hypocrisy etc.)
      • Comedy
    • Why is it still popular today?
      • Moral Message
        • one must not judge a person based on their physical appearance, or their actions straightaway
        • Family is important
      • Are some of the main themes still relevant today?
      • It is still funny to watch
      • Part of French heritage and culture


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