Schizophrenia types and symptoms

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  • Symptoms of SCH
    • Positive Symptoms
      • Hallucinations
        • Seeing or hearing things that aren't there. Voices are often harsh or critical.
          • Critical voices give running commentary whereas controlling voices tells someone what to do.
      • Delusions
        • False beliefs, such as thinking thoughts and movements are being controlled by someone else.
          • Grandeur
          • Paranoia
      • Thought Disorder
        • Makes speech hard to follow. The speaker may loose concentration or have muddled thinking.
          • Thought broadcasting is where someone else can hear their thoughts.
          • Thought insertion is where their thoughts are put in thri heads by someone else.
      • Addition of normal behaviour, usually thought related.
    • Negative Symptoms
      • Lack of Energy/Apathy
        • E.G No motivation to carry out daily chores.
      • Social Withdrawal
        • E.G avoiding family/friends and refusing to go out.
      • Flatness of Emotions
        • The face becomes emotionless and the voice becomes dull with no rise or fall.
      • Appearance
        • Not looking after oneself and not agreeing to expectations of preserving oneself.
      • A lack of normal symptoms
    • Types of SCH
      • Paranoid
        • Suspicions of others and delusions of grandeur. Often hallucinations.
      • Disorganised
        • Speech is hard to follow and there are inappropriate mood swings. No hallucinations
      • Catatonic
        • Withdrawn and isolated, not a lot of physical movement.
      • Residual
        • Low level of positive symptoms but psychotic symptoms are present.
      • Undifferentiated
        • Don't fit into another type of SCH
    • SCH Stats
      • 1/4 of people who have SCH have it continuously with no breaks.
      • 50% have periods of recovery and periods of symptoms. Positive ones get recovered, negative ones remain.


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