Validity of diagnosis of schizophrenia

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Psychology unit 3 schizophrenia revision
Validity of diagnosis of schizophrenia
A valid diagnosis is when the psychiatrist's diagnosis is accurate and correct.
Rosenhan- asked 8 psuedopatients to visit several mental hospitals complaining of
hearing a voice that said `thud'. Found that all 8 pseudo patients were diagnosed as
schizophrenic. A follow up study then involved the original hospitals who were sent
more pseudo patients so they could diagnose the ones who were schizophrenic. The
hospitals thought 41 were sent where in fact none were sent. This shows that
diagnosis of both normal people and schizophrenics is invalid.
The idea that schizophrenia is classed as one single disorder. This is wrong
Historically all the types of schizophrenia were seen as different mental
illnesses. The ancient Greeks said that there were 4 types of mental illness
that today we would class as schizophrenia. It wasn't until 1878 that they
were grouped together and called Dementia Praecox.
Different types of schizophrenia and their symptoms and causes are
different. Dopamine explanation explains positive symptoms and enlarged
ventricles explain the negative symptoms. The different causes indicate
there must be more than 1 type of schizophrenia and that it is wrong to
assume they are able to be grouped together.
Predictive validity that 10% of schizophrenics will die where 20% will make
a full recovery. The large range of outcomes suggests that there are
different mental illnesses causing these different outcomes.
Psychiatrists diagnose patients as either type 1 or 2 schizophrenia. This
suggests that there are 2 main types of mental illnesses which are
collectively called schizophrenia.


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