Swiss Integrated Transport System

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  • Switzerland's Integrated Transport System
    • Advantages
      • 2 million citizens carry half-fare travel cards
      • 1 million cary regional travel passes
      • 95% of arrivals achieved with less than 5 mins delay
      • Highest rail density in Europe
      • Higher fuel prices and lower speed limits mean less air pollution
      • 1 in 2 citizens own cars
    • What has happened?
      • A national system called "DIRECT TRAVEL" allows people to buy just 1 ticket for a whole journey
      • All of the public transport running off one system
      • All railways, tramways and bus services operating off one developed timetable
      • 3 international and 61 minor airports connected
      • Operating own merchant marine fleet consisting of 25 vessels on the high sea
      • River Rhine is made navigable and is vital for imports & exports
      • Over 1600km of motorways


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