Transport Management - Zurich

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Zürich - Public Transport System

“The best transport system in Europe”

Background information:

Located in Switzerland, and is the capital city.

Population:378,884 (2012)

Global centre for banking and finance.

Switzerland has the mountain range: The Swiss Alps.

Language: German Swiss, English.

Popular modes of transport:

·         Foot

·         Trams

·         Buses

·         Trains

Schweizerische Bundesbahen (SBB):

·         Train - Zürich's biggest travel and transport company.

·         Travels all over Switzerland.

·         50 Swiss Francs to Zürich HB, 20 minutes from the airport.

·         327 million passengers a year.

·         Fast, extensive, clean (inside and out) and reliable.

·         Children under 5 are free.

·         Ages 6-16 pay half price.

·         Late train – (S-Bahn) – operates between 1am and 9am on a night network.

You must have a transport ticket and surcharge (night) ticket – 5 Swiss Francs.



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