Sustainablilty BUSS4 examples

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  • Sustainability
    • Co-op group
      • method of differentiation
      • recession provides Co-op to grow by trading on ethical conditions
      • need to change to compete with big super markets
      • Goal of being the most sustainable business in the UK
      • Local stores will focus on 10,000 community projects per year
      • All fair trade products by 2013, healthier choices at the same proce
    • Marks and Spencer
      • Cut costs
      • Plan to become the most sustainable retailer by 2015
      • 180 commitments to communities, talking poverty and reducing harm to the environment
      • £70mil added to revenue due to new strategy
      • 180,000 people recycling clothes to Oxfam, getting a money off voucher for doing it
      • savings came from
        • 13.5mil more energy efficient
        • 2m using less fuel
        • 1m recycling and reusing
        • 11m packaging reductions
    • Starbucks
      • genuine concern
      • have set up farmer support centres in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, china and Costa Rica
      • supports coffee farms, increases quality of their coffee and profitability
      • communities now more sustainable, $14mil provided so far
    • Apple
      • bad press
      • use FoxConn to manufacture products
        • poor working conditions
        • very little pay
        • cramped conditions
      • customers over look this due to Apples reputation
      • after Fair Labour Association got involved Apple have agreed to improve conditions


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