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Volume 20, Number 3, February 2014


BUSS4 practice exam question
Luke Perry and Phil Waterhouse

Use this question to help you prepare for the BUSS4 exam.
Does the growth of China's middle class represent a threat or an opportunity for
British businesses? (40 marks)

Sample answer
Examiner comments are…

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this provides better support for the JLR cars sold in this region, as well as lowering the costs
for the firm and improving customer service by reducing lead times to get the parts to
customers in a shorter space of time.
Decent chain of analysis, looking at the benefits that…

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companies will have over their Chinese rivals. Firms such as McLaren that have particular
skills and ingenuity to produce goods with high value added are likely to have a greater
chance of success in China than firms that have many competitors.
This is an okay paragraph but is a little…

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is that Germany has made China a priority in recent years, though as the country is famed
for high-quality products it clearly makes sense for it to make the most of the opportunity.
Clear final judgement that is supported and justified. Candidate has answered the
question set and brought in…


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