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Volume 20, Number 1, September 2013

Teaching notes

Five strategies for the BUSS4
Phil Waterhouse

With the removal of the January series of exams, the pre-release theme for the BUSS4
paper was made available at the start of September. These five strategies will help you
prepare your students for…

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3 Build a knowledge base
There are many strands to the pre-release. It is not just about producing in China, it is also
about selling and how foreign firms can compete both in China and against Chinese firms.
These strands will be considered in more detail in future BUSINESS REVIEW…

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opportunity to show how certain businesses have benefited from the exchange rate. Specific
examples of businesses would be good here. The rising wage costs will also link to inflation
and reduced competitiveness on the global production front. It would be useful to research
how China is reacting to these factors.…


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