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1: Are Emerging Markets an Opportunity or a Threat?
The most obvious debate on this topic would be the potential benefits and problems involved with targeting emerging markets:
Strong Economic Growth
Rising consumer incomes and growing `middleclasses'
Opportunities for joint ventures with local businesses

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6. Make sure you read the question more than once ­ the question might be about `technological change', not `technology'. That should
make you think about the type of examples you bring into your essay.

7. Don't dive into your arguments ­ a 4/5 line introduction paragraph at the start…

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73% of multinationals identified local competitors as the key competitive threat rather than other multinationals trying to compete in the
same market.

The survey has also looked at the relative importance of various business capabilities in achieving success in emerging markets. Each
executive was then asked to measure their own…

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Start Early with Building Brand Awareness the Power of Advertising

P&G was one of the first Western businesses to address the opportunity of doing business in China.

P&G's entry strategy for China started in 1985 with market research and advertising. This was quite an unusual approach, but it worked

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One project of note for P&G in China was the Hope Schools programme. By 2010, P&G had built more than 200 Hope Schools around
Under the leadership of Sir Anthony Bamford, JCB has been transformed from a onefactory operation in Staffordshire with a turnover of
£43 million to a…


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