History Surgery and Anatomy

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  • Surgery and Anatomy
    • Pre-history - Religion
    • Egyptian Religion and Science and Technology
      • They used bronze instruments and carried out simple surgery, they fixed broken bones. They could identify some parts of the body for example the heart, pulse, liver, brain, lungs and blood. They found this out by embalming. They also thought the heart was the most imporant.
    • Greek Science and Technology, Individuals and Communication
      • They used iron and steel instruments, they fixed broken bones and carried out amputations, draining of the lungs and surface tumours. They used honey, animal fat and wine for infection.
    • Romans Communication, War and Individuals.
      • They built the laying foundations of medicine. Galen learnt at a gladiators school. Rare internal operations, amputations, they used poppy seeds and wine to put people to sleep. as anaesthetics
      • He learnt about the brain controlling the body. Arteries ansd veins carried blood. Aniamls anatomy is different to humans.
    • Medieval 500-1400 War, individuals, Communications, Science and T and Religion


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