Pre history -public health surgery and treatment of disease

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  • pre-history
    • public health
      • most people died before 40
      • moved around a lot (nomadic)
        • became very strong but needed a lot of food
      • pregnancy and childbirth was very dangerous
      • poor nutrition
      • didn't grow tall
    • surgery and anatomy
      • the only surgery that took place was trephaning
        • some people survived (did not die immediately}
      • they did not know anything about anatomy
    • treatment of disease
      • people believed that evil spirits caused disease
      • medicine men performing rituals dressed as animals
      • people wore charms or carried them for protection
      • mud casts for broken bones
    • factors
      • poor communication
        • didn't record anything bur some paintings
      • religion and belief in control
      • no science and technology
      • no government


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