Sura 4 - Themes

Mindmap outlining the major themes that are in Sura 4

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  • Sura 4 - Themes
    • Family
      • Can marry up to 4 Women - but 'do not incline to one of them' (Sura 4:129)
      • Divorce acceptable but wanted to be avided
        • Have arbitration with representation from each familky
        • 'If they separate (through divorce) Allah will provide abundance for everyone' (Sura 4:130)
      • 'Men are the protectors and maintainers of women .. but the righteous among you will be devoutly obedient' (Sura 4:34)
      • Men have the right of direction
      • Men can chastise women, refuse sex or beat (lightly is only implied)
      • Women have to be chaste before marriage
      • 'You are forbidden to inherit women against their will' (Sura 4:19)
      • Adultary outlined as illegal - need 4 witnesses as proof
      • Women have the right to their Mahr (Dowry)
    • Orphans
      • Have a duty to protect orphans - 'Stand firm for Justice for Orphans' (Sura 4:127)
      • Protect their wealth - only take what is fair if you cannot afford their care
      • Needed to be addressed following Battle of Uhud - 70 Muslims killed
    • Inheritance
      • 'There is a share for men and a share for women' (Sura 4:7)
      • Fundamental principle is that women get half of the amount of a man - as men support the family
      • Ayat 176 - later addition - what to do if no hiers
    • Jihad
      • 'Fight against the friends of Shaiten' (Sura 4:76)
      • 'Whoso fights in the cause of Allah and is killed pr gets victory we shall bestow onto him a great reward' (Sura 4:74)
      • Told not to start the fighting - only when it is ordained on them
    • Enemies
      • 'Fight against the friends of Shaiten' (Sura 4:76)
      • Enemies can repent and find Allah Merciful
      • Enemies who don't repent will face torment in Hell
    • Hypocrites
      • Context: - They had betrayed Muhammad in the Battle of Uhud
        • Shouldn't dispute prophet - ie. don't turn away in battle
      • Have to practice Islam not just know it - 'They mislead none but themselves' (Sura 4:113)
      • Shouldn't dispute prophet - ie. don't turn away in battle
      • Muslims should 'guide them to the straightway' (Sura 4:68)
      • Muslims shouldn't befriend non-believers - Issues in Modern Day?
      • Hypocrites will be punished in Hell, but can save selves by repenting to Allah
    • Jews
      • Have the scriptures but were distorted or ignored
        • Following Torah is straying from the path
      • Punishment for Jews who turn from Allah - but rewards for those who are good or revert to Islam
      • Jews believe Maryam was adulterous - this is incorrect she had a virgin birth
      • They did not kill Isa, only a look-a-like
    • Christians
      • Divided over Trinity but Sura 4 instructs: 'Say not "three"' (Sura 4:171)
      • Isa will return on the Last Day
      • Qur'an is true - injeeel was distorted
    • Tawhid
      • Told to reject Trinity
      • Allah is the protector - 'he is a better protector to both' (Sura 4:136)
      • Ayat 136 affirms necessity of belief in the articles of faith
      • Omniscient: '[had the Qu'ran] been from other than Allah, they would surely find therein much contradictions' (Sura 4:82)
      • Merciful: 'Allah wrongs not even the wieght of an ant, but if there is any good He doubles it and gives from him a great reward' (Sura 4:40)
    • Risla
      • Muhammad is the same as the other messengers
        • Implies Nuh, Dawud, Musa, Ibrahib, Isa were actually preaching Islam
      • Allah revealed Torah, Zabur and Injeel: 'beleve in what we have revealed to Muhammad confirming what is with you' (Sura 4:147)
    • Akirah
      • Burn in 'Painful Torment' if Qur'an isn't followed
      • Allah accepts repentance
      • 'Avoid the great sins and we shall remit from you your (small) sins and admit you to a Nobel Entrance' (Sura 4:31)
      • Skins changed as boiling water is poured over you to renew your torment




Very useful. thank you



Really useful & helpful in getting all the key themes together especially when your teacher hasn't taught you this section clealry

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