Work & Wealth in Islam

Mind map looking at different teachings on work and wealth in Islam

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  • Islamic teachings on Work & Wealth
    • Wealth is either earned through work or acquired via a transaction
    • Inheritance (Faraidh) has strict rules attached
    • Finding Lost Property
      • Have to try and find the owner - you can claim it after 3 weeks
      • If it has been abandoned for a long time you can immediately claim it
    • Zakah
      • Pay 2.5% of earnings
      • 'Protect you property by paying Zakah' (Hadith) and 'Practice regular charity' (Sura 2:43)
      • Sadiqah - extra voluntary giving
      • Pay 20% from an unexpected gift (Hibah)
    • 'Little but sufficient is better than abundance and alluring' (Hadith)
    • Work ethics
      • Work is better than idleness
      • Fard Kifiyah (Collective obligations) - society should work to advance essential industries - science, medicine etc.
      • Community before individuals and profits
      • Employees shouldn't cheat employers by laziness
      • Employers should treat employees fairly, not exploit them and pay them on time
    • Forbidden Work
      • Anything that harms another is forbidden in Islamic work ethics
      • No work that exploites sex: ***********, prostitution, exotic dancing
      • Making alcohol, working in clubs or pubs
      • Trade in pork
      • Working as mercenaries fighting other Muslims


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