Belief in Allah

A mind map on the Article belief on Allah

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  • Sufis attempt to be at one with Allah
    • Belief in Allah
      • Allah the Creator
        • This is the central concept of Islam and was one of the first things to be revealed to Muhammad in Sura 96
        • 'Creator and Sustainer of the worlds' (Sura 1:2)
      • Tawhid
        • Unity of God and is expressed in the Shahada and in Sura 112: 'He is God, one and only'
        • Unity of God suggests a Unity of Powers
          • Omnipotence
          • Omniscience: 'God has Full Knowledge' (Sura 49)
          • Omni-benevolence
          • Eternal
          • Controls and can change destiny
          • Omnipresent
        • Has unity of Qualities: 99 names
          • Al Qayeem (Self existing one)
          • Al Qadir (Al Powerful one)
            • Omnipotence
          • Al Baqi (Everlasting one)
            • Eternal
      • Islam is the submission to Allah - Following the straight way
      • Allah Judgess but is Merciful
      • Argument for Allah is expressed in the Kalam Argument
      • Shirk
        • 'The Worst Sin a Muslim can commit' (Watton)
        • Associating something else with Allah: (I.e. Jesus, other Gods, symbols pictures)
        • 'No vision can grasp him' (Sura 6:106)
      • Shia's believe Allah has no Physical attributes but do their beliefs about Imams = shirk??


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