Supreme Court

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  • Supreme Court
    • Aims of the FF
      • Wanted to ensure that neither the Executive nor the Legislature became too power
      • They devised a series of separated powers, with clearly refined responsibilities for each branch, and checks and balances.
      • Gave very little thought or debating time to the judiciary
    • Constitution
      • National judiciary should be supreme and therefore the final court of appeal
      • Responsible for hearing certain types of cases known as original jurisdiction cases
      • Judges were appointed by the President and approved by the Senate
      • They would serve for life or until retirement
      • Their income could not be reduced
      • Only be removed if their personal conduct was inappropriate for a judge
      • Congress had the right to set up a lower Federal Court
      • There was no reference to judicial review
    • Organisation
      • In some cases the jurisdiction of Federal and state courts overlap where a crime is both a state and Federal crime
      • Murder is a crime against state law but there is no Federal crime of murder


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