Supporting evidence and theories of Freud

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  • Supporting evidence and theories of Freud
    • Religion as neurosis
      • religion is a collective neurosis
        • God becomes 'a projected Father Figure' but also a source of fear and guilt
          • Freud would argue that religion is a concept that has arisen through our psychological defence
    • Secondary research
      • Hertel and Donahue
        • Found that God was seen as a loving father, especially to girls
      • Ullman
        • Found a link between absent fathers and children who later convert to christianity
    • The Libido
      • libido
        • The unconscious sexual drive, forms of our basic urges such as sex, satisfaction and gratification
      • Oedipus complex
        • a sexual trauma caused by guild
          • problems  develop later due to guilt and fear of the Father
          • Repression of childhood behaviour


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