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  • Studying Society
    • The sociological approach
      • Society: A group of people who have common interests  and a distinctive culture
    • Difference between psychologists, journalists and sociologists.
      • Psychologists study an individual's personality and aggression. They focus on an individual
      • Journalist tend to sensationalise an event and have tight deadlines to meet so they keep it vague and do not study why an event happened very much.
    • Norms and values
      • Norms: What's considered appropriate by society
      • Values are what we believe is important, for example honesty.
    • Conflict and Consensus
      • Consensus: A general state of agreement between individuals or groups.             Conflict:A general state of disagreement between opposing groups
      • Feminists: Someone who believes that women should have the same status and opportunities as men.
        • Marxists: Believe in the ideas of Karl Marx and see the main divisions of society being the capitalist system which creates social class.
    • Social structure
      • Ascribes statuses are fixed and assigned at birth. Achieved statuses are earned on the basis of acievemnt/merit/talent.
      • Social mobility: Movement between the strata.        Open systems: Movement is possible           Closed system: Movement isn't possible
    • Research
      • Secondary Research: Save time and are cheap. Already collected.
      • Primary Research:  Collected by the sociologists and is more likely to be valid. It is often time consuming and expensive.
        • Interviews, questionnairesobservations: covert and overt
    • Nature VS nurture
      • Feral children who have been brought up by animals adopted their ways such as eating,walking and barking as the animals did.
    • Sampling Methods
      • Random Sampling: Randomly picks people. For large populations it's the best chance of an unbiased representative sample.
      • Stratified Sampling:        Representative of the population
      • Snowball Sampling
        • Only works when there's a sampling frame.


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