Sociologists and Theories Mindmap

Talcott Parsons, Myth of Meritocracy, Emile Durkheim, Bowles and Gintis, Correspondence Principle, Paul Willis.

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  • Sociologists and their Theories
    • Emile Durkheim
      • Functionalism
      • Saw society as a set of independent parts
        • Each part had to work together for it all to work
        • Like a human body
    • Talcott Parsons
      • "Education is a bridge between home and work"
    • Bowles and Gintis
      • Education system reproduces obedient workforce
        • Workforce accepts inequality
    • Paul Willis
      • Studied 12 non conformists
        • Non conforming prepared them for the world of work
          • Didn't get the grades so they had manual jobs
    • Correspondence Principle
      • School is similar to work
        • School has a hierarchical system
        • Norms and values same/similar
    • Myth of Meritocracy
      • The idea that not everyone has an equal chance to succeed
        • E.G. Alan Sugar and the Royal Family


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