sociology GCSE mindmap: crime and deviance

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  • who commits crime?
    • typical criminal
      • males
      • working class
      • young
    • status frustation
      • Young people are frustrated with their lack of an independent status in society.
      • Caught in the transition between child and adult and therefore are required to not act as a child but are denied full rights and responsibility an adult.
    • peer pressure
      • Other people that you know who are encouraging you to do things that you wouldn't normally do.
      • Someone wanting to be accepted by their peer group.
        • Fear of being rejected.
      • pressured into doing something you know is illegal or wrong.
        • e.g. Your group makes you steal something from a shop for them and if you don't, you aren't a true a friend and will be kicked out .
    • Untitled
    • lack of responsibilitiy
      • If you child, not as mature and don't have as many things to be as cautious about therefore drift back into there childish ways.
        • A mother or a women is less likely to commit crime because they are always working and have more responsibility than a man.
    • police stereotyping


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