Storm on the island form and structure

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  • Storm On The Island - form and structure
    • Structure
      • written in present tense. this creates immediacy
      • at the beginning of the poem the tone is colloquial-casual, formal
      • written in first person which creates iediacy
      • the use of caesura "I mean - leaves and branches"  creates tension
      • the use of enjambment creates an everlasting effect of the storm
      • the poem is written in 19 lines of blank verse each line containing 5 feet.(foot-stressed and unstressed syllables) to emphasise and generalise the effect nature has.
      • the verse form used by Shakespeare follows the natural patterns of spoken English which makes us feel Heaney is speaking to us.
    • Form
      • has a irregular rhyme scheme. the lack of rhyme portrays the lack of harmony between man and nature. it shows  that the fractured relationship between man and nature is mirrored by the lack of rhyme
      • the poem itself is one single solid block
      • 19 unrhymed lines of 10 or 11-syllables ended by a half-rhyme couplet
      • the form in itself echoes the "squat" houses, the solidity in the way that they are built to bear the brunt(resist) of the Atlantic weather fronts.
      • it also does something else, capturing the storm as one single event, the lines themselves reflecting the unrelenting storm.
      • the half rhyme couplet suggests resolution to conflict is shown by half rhyme by lack of harmony shows chaos. shows lack of harmony in the conflict


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