Storm on the Island

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  • Storm on the Island
    • What is it about?
      • The narrator describes how a community thinks it's well prepared for coming storm (1)
      • As poem goes on- confidence starts to disappear as storm develops- (2)
      • Ending of poem describes fear as the storm hits the island (3)
    • Themes
      • Safety
        • The 1st part of poem shows the community- feels safe & prepared for the storm
      • Fear
        • Sense of security soon changes to fear- familiar things change & become frightening
      • Helplessness
        • People can't do anything bout their fear- wait for storm to finish- nature presented as powerful, relentless force
    • Form
      • Blank verse- everyday speech- like a conversation
    • Structure
      • Shifts from security to fear. "But no:"- turning point- slow pace of monosyllabic phrase
    • Contrast descriptions and fear
      • Lot's of words to do with 'safety', 'security' at beginning. Sense of danger increases- familiar things become more frightening
    • Direct address
      • narrator involves reader in his fear- speaking direct
    • Violent imagery
      • Described as violent- warlike terms- similes, metaphors and personification- emphasise danger & affects of storm
    • Use of sounds
      • Forceful sounds- demonstrate strength of nature. Assonant, sibilant sounds- noise of wind & waves
    • Quotes
      • "it is a huge nothing that we fear." L19
        • storm-invisible. Nothing solid there. Contrasts with rock solid- in 2nd line
      • "You know what i mean" L7
        • speaks direct- chatty tone- reflect on own experience of storms
      • "no trees, no natural shelter" L11
        • caesura slows pace of line- emphasises 2nd "no"
      • "Exploding comfortably" L13
        • Oxymoron's juxtaposes feelings of fear & safety
      • "sit" "wind" L16
        • assonant "i" & sibilant sounds in lines 14-17- hissing & spitting of sea
    • Context
      • 1st eight letters of title- 'Storment'- name given to Northern Ireland's parliament buildings
        • Hints that 'storm' could be about violent political disturbances - Ireland has experienced


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