'Storm on the island' by Heaney

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  • 'Storm on the island' by Heaney
    • Ideas about power and conflict
      • People are prepared for the power of the storm, but still become afraid.
      • The poem shows the sheer power of nature.
      • The poem acts out the calm before the storm: confidence changes to fear.
    • Context
      • Heaney grew up in Ireland.
      • The poem is from the perspective of a villager on a remote island, probably in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Ireland.
      • The poem is about the serve storms the community face.
      • The poem deals with the physical and mental effects of the storms.
    • Language
      • Sea / trees are personified as "company"
      • Heavy alliteration suggests the persistent sound of the storm.
      • violent imagery (metaphors and similes): "spits like a tame cat"
      • Violent words like "blast", "exploding" and "fear".
      • Metaphors (particularly verbs) of war planes: "bombarded", "dives" and "strafes"
    • Form
      • Dramatic monologue: the poem is spoken by a person who lives on the island.
      • The poem is one stanza: it's "squat" and sturdy, like the houses.
      • Conversation- al blank verse addresses the reader directly as "you"
    • Structure
      • Strong, secure, united opening changes to fearful, insecure, isolated ending.
      • Contrast in mood between beginning and ending.
      • Turning point with caesura after "but no" - the last hint of safety is lost.
    • Quotations to learn
      • "as you see"
      • "but no"
      • "wind dives / and strafes"
      • "we are bombarded"


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