Storm On the Island-Warfare

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  • Storm On the Island-Warfare
    • Language
      • Alliteration- 'blows'blasts'-talking about the wind but referring to explosions in warfare
      • Violent verb-'pummels'-idea of something being punched
      • Oxymoron-'exploding comfortably'-explosive word-deliberate because the main method of attack by the IRA was through bombing
      • Imagery (metaphor) of fighter plane diving down and strafing-'dives' and 'strafes'.Readers would be very familiar with what he is saying and feeling.
      • 'Savage'-description of storm being like a cat emphasises the word 'savage'-suggesting that the people in the island become in the expectations of what they accept/the civil war turns people into savages
      • 'Salvo' and 'bombarded'-it is clear that he is talking about the war and his anger is that it is a war that his countrymen are accepting and also anger at the British for allowing the war to continue
    • Structure and form
      • Lack of rhymes-reflects people's lack of control
      • Dramatic Monologue-pronoun 'we' represents a wider cultural experience-allows to identify the speakers character from hat they are saying-Heaney is taking on the persona of  a person describing the horrors of the war.
    • Context
      • Storm on the Island-STORMONT-Heaney is talking about a northern Irish parliament in East Belfast:he wants to make sure the readers know the poem is all about Northern Ireland and its government


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