Storm on the island context

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  • storm on the island - conext
    • the collection seems vey much about how he realises that nature is not some gentle, lovely thing, but also a force that has the potential to wreak destruction.
    • the conflict in northern Ireland in the late 20th century is known as the Troubles
    • over 3600 were killed and thousands more injured.
    • the goal of the nationalist and republican, almost exclusively catholic, minority was to become part of the republic of Ireland.
    • the goal of the unionist and overwhelmingly  protestant majority was to remain par of the UK.
    • this was a territorial conflict, not a religious one.
    • possible alternative interpretations
      • there is no deternminer (definite or indefinite article) in front of the title so the first 8 letters spell the word "Stormont"
        • this is the name of the official government building in Belfast, a place at the centre of the Irish nationalist debate
          • this may indicate a link to the Irish "troubles"


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