English - Literature - Storm On The Island.

English Literature revision, Anthology Lit poetry.

Beginning with Storm on the island.

Storm On The Island - Seamus Heaney.

'Storm' - literal, physical storm. Also represents the civil war as a storm - raging, angry, violent. Civil war - History of Ireland - Protestant + Catholic.

'Storm-on-t" - Irish parliament - CONTEXT - Government - Politics.

"We are prepared, we built our houses, squat" - Repetition of 'we' is representative of patriotism and unity within the irish people who are fighting for the 'good' of ireland and living through the war.

'Squat' - Resolute - Will not be moved. Compressed/ strong/ hard/ tough.

"Sink walls in rock and roof them with good slate" - 'Rock' - Represents strength, not in need of help. Relates to nature - Symbolic of 'going back to their roots'.

"Exploding comfortably" - Juxtaposition - Violence - Imagery of war 'exploding' - gunfire, bombs, etc.

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Storm on the Island

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