Stem Cells

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    • Embryonic Stem Cells
      • Differentiation - when a cell changed to become specialised for its job
      • Found in early human embryos and have the potential to turn into any kind of cell at all.
      • Adults also have stem cells but they're found in the bone marrow and aren't as versatile
    • Curing Diseases
      • Medicine already uses adult stem cells to cure disease
        • eg People with blood diseases can be treated by bone marrow transplants - bone marrow contains stem cells that can turn into new blood cells to replace faulty ones
      • Extracting stem cells from very early human embryos are then used to replace faulty cells in sick people.
      • To get cultures of one specific type of cell, reserchers try to control differentiation by chancing the environment it grows in.
        • More research is needed
    • For and Against embroys
      • human embryos shouldn't be used for experiments since each one is a potential human life
      • Curing patients who are already suffering is more important then the rights of the embryo
      • Embryos used in research and often unwanted ones from fertility clinics - if they weren't used in research they would be destroyed
      • In some countries using Stem Cells is banned.


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