ICT - Staying Safe and Healthy

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  • Staying Safe and Healthy
    • Safety Online
      • -Social networking sites can be extremely dangerous as you could give personal data out and this may lead to meeting up with strangers
      • be on your guard
      • watch for mispellings
      • if an offer is given don't trust it 100%
    • False Messages
      • To prevent getting a virus don't open messages or files from strangers. You also should take note of the billing to that number.
      • Pharming - a process where a website is developed be an unscrupulous person to look like another website.
      • Phishing - when you receive an email that pretends to be from a bank or other sources.
      • Spam - a generalised advertisement sent to anyone with an email address.
    • Language
      • Cyber-bullying can be an example of where bad language is used.
    • Health Hazards
      • Back, neck, eye and repetitive strain (in the fingers and hands) can all be prevented by things such as:
        • An adjustable chair
        • Breaks
        • Footrests
        • Computer screen adjustments
        • Relax
    • Safety Hazards
      • These can involve trailing wires, fires, electrocution, unsecured equipment, food and drink spillages.
        • Keep all wires clear
        • Keep equipment uncluttered
        • Never eat or drink around equipment


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