Religion in Jane Eyre

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Religion in Jane Eyre

Religion in Jane Eyre

Religious belief

  • It is easy to criticise Brocklehurst's religious belief as well as Helen's - Bronte undermines these beliefs.
  • Jane questions Helen's belief, this may not plant any seeds of doubt with Helen. However the reader would be hard pressed to miss her point. Helen and St John Rivers seek happiness in heaven; Jane is determined to find hers here on Earth.

Key quote

'But where are you going to, Helen? Can you see? Do you know?'

'Where is God? What is God?' 

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Questioning Evangelical religion

Questioning religion 

Bronte highlights the misinterpretation of religious ideals. In order to convey this message, Bronte uses the narrator's judgement. Over the course of the novel, as the reader has gottent to know Jane we have come to sympathise with her and trust her. Thus, when she passes judgement on St. John during his sermon, we are inclined to believe her. Also because this novel is characteriszed by high realism, we know that we don't nee to be wary of what Jane tells (you can challenge this - first person narrative/hindsight)

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