Soviets in Afghanistan

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  • Soviets in Afghanistan
    • Tactics
      • Changed in 1986, far more defensive whereas previously offensive
      • Concentrated on using the air but USA supplied mujahidin with ant-warcraft weapons from 1987 so further loss of Soviet lives and equipment
      • Gorbachev announced beginning of troop withdrawal in 1986, but first withdrawals replaced
      • February 1988 full withdrawal announced for USSR from Afghanistan, completed 1989
    • Effects of war in Afghanistan
      • 15000 Soviet troops killed, over half a million casualties
      • USSR lost many heavy equipment such as planes, tanks and armoured vehicles
      • Huge expenses crippled Soviet economy
      • War proved Red Army not invincible, could no longer be relied on to keep Soviet Empire together
      • Questions asked in USSR about huge costs of maintaining armed force that could not defeat the Afghan
      • Effect on army and economy contributed to collapse of Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe
      • Over 1 million Afghans died, including children killed by Soviet mines, increased Afghan's hatred of foreigners
      • Soviet withdrawal did not end war, civil war continued until 1992 when mujahidin captured Kabul from communist government
      • Afghanistan became centre for terrorist activity


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