The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1979

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  • The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1979
    • Impact on relations
      • put detente to an end
        • 2nd cold war?
      • Reagan vowed to stand up to communism - 'evil'
      • 1980 presidential elections in USA
        • Reagan argued detente made USA weak
    • What happened?
      • war in Afghanistan lasts ten years
      • USA supplies mujaheddin with money and weapons
      • 1.5 million civilian debts
      • war costs USSR $8 billion per year
      • Salt 2 abandoned
      • Economic sanctions imposed on USSR by USA
      • Carter Doctrine announced
      • US boycott of Moscow Olympics
      • USSR boycott of LA Olympics
    • Build up to the invasion
      • April 1978 pro-Soviet government took control in Afghanistan
        • received economic assistance from Moscow
      • September 1979 Hafzullah Amin staged a popular coup
        • his government became increasingly unpopular
        • other pro-Muslim factions tried to overthrow him
      • December 1979 Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan
        • Amin was assassinated by Soviet commanders on December 27th
        • was replaced by Babrak Kamal
        • Soviets remained in Afghanistan for 10 years
    • The American Reaction
      • the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan
        • hated this
      • Americans saw it as the USSR to spread communism abroad
      • President Carter withdrew the Salt 2 proposal
        • Carter Doctrine January 1980


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