Belo Monte Source 3-Brazils energy needs

Just a mindmap of the key things that I picked out from the youtube video for source three

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  • Source 3 -  Brazil's Energy Needs
    • Outside Sao Pualo, underground, garbage is turned inot methane gas to provide electricity for 400, 000 people
    • 80% of Brazils electricity comes from hydroelectric dams
      • 173 dams currently in operation, another 12 under construction and dozens more in the planning phase
      • Brazil Relies On hydroelectric too much
      • The government sees hydroelectric dams as clean and renewable energy
        • Hydroelectric energy isn't as clean as the government was people to think. Dams cause indirect deforestation, impact rivers and fishing, limit the availability of water, mean people have to move to new areas and aren't as beneficial as other renewable energy sources e.g. wind and solar
      • One third of Brazils new energy production in comin years will come from dams
        • Brazil could have the 5th largest economy in the worls in 15 years time therefore they require a lot of energy
    • More than 90% of the energy in Brazil comes from renewable resources (the everage in the rest of the world is 18%
      • Other renewables make up less than 5% of Brazils total energy production
    • The dams are built in the amazon, one of the worlds most diverse ecosystems


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