Source 2 - Goodle Earth Projection of Dam

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  • Source 2 - Google Earth projection of dam
    • Tucurui dam, built in 1984: flooded 20,000 hectres of forest, displaced 30,000 indigenous people and led to wide spread deforestation.
      • Generates 8,370MW and was the first large scale hydroelectric project. There are worries that similar impacts could happen as a result of Belo Monte.
    • Addition of hydroelectric dams will lead to an increase in investment in mining.
    • The dam was brought to the world's attention through a campaign led by musician Sting, anthropologist Darrell Posey and the Kayapo Tribe.
    • For the dam to be economically viable and to store enough water to produce energy year round, more dams upstream are likely to be built.
      • Social and environmental impacts.
    • Construction of Belo Monte will clear the way for the construction of a series of dams across the Amazon basin on other rivers.
      • Rivers include the Araguaia Tocantins,
      • Over 60 large dams are planned in the next 20 years.
      • ALso plans in Peru, Bolivia and Equador.
    • Alternatives for Brazil's energy, while still respecting the Amazon could cut demand for electricity by 40% by 2020 and will save $19 billion. Also 8 million new jobs would be generated if clean energy such as wind or solar was used.
    • Healthy environment worth more than short term financial gains.
    • The Juruna Tibe and Arara Tribe are opposed to the dam as the land, and the river, is the basis of their survival.
      • They would be forced to migrate to cities and compete with thousands of other for jobs. In addition they would trun to logging and cattle ranching which are leading contributors to deforestation.
    • Stagnant pools of water would be formed which would lead to mosquitos breeding uncontrollably.
    • Animals such as zebra pleco plant eating piranha and the xingu poison frog would be wiped out.
    • 2 reservoirs would flood over 640sqkm


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