Unit 3: Solar Power

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  • Solar Power
    • Advantages
      • Photothermal panels are well developed
      • Able to store hot water
      • No pollution
      • Usable in remote areas
      • Renewable
      • Little maintenance required
      • Free after installation
      • No noise pollution
    • Disadvantages
      • Intermittent - unavailable at night
      • Low energy density
      • Unpredictable amount of light harnessed at ground
      • Photovoltaic cells have a low efficiency
      • Unreliable
      • Large areas of land required
      • Initially expensive
    • Location
      • Reliable and intense sunlight
      • Large areas needed
      • House roofs and fields
    • Passive Solar Heating
      • Building design to absorb sunlight for heating
      • No technology needed
    • Active Solar Heating
      • Photothermal
        • Warms water for use
        • Uses glass to make the greenhouse effect
      • Photovoltaic
        • Sunlight displaces electrons that drive appliances
        • Amorphous cells used more as they are cheaper


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