Solar power

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  • Solar Panel
    • ___________SOLAR POWER
      • _______- tracks the sun so the angle of incidence stays the same
        • The angle of incidence changes daily and ________ so optimum position for panels changes considerably too
      • Parabolic reflectors- a mirror system that reflects incoming light onto a ______ point
        • Clouds, smoke and dust can reduce the _______ of the insolation and scatters light.This is solved by parabolic reflectors
    • __________ SYSTEMS
      • Passive solar heating is when you can absorb sunlight without the use of additional equipment
        • Building design can also increase   ________ solar gains by having large windows etc.
      • Hot water can be produced in solar panels
      • Sunlight is absorbed by the surface layer of the photovoltaic cell and displaces          _______ that can drive electrical appliances
      • Amorphous photovoltaic cells are less efficient than _______ cells.
        • They are much cheaper though, unless ______ is a problem, they are the more effective choice
      • Mass production has reduced costs so photovoltaic cells are now more used


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