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  • Sociology EDUCATION
    • Formal: Things that you learn as part of the taught curriculum.             Informal: Things you lean through experierences of being in school.
    • What is education for?
      • Serving the needs of the economy: Schools prepare you for a job by you learning and recieving the skills that you need for employment
      • Secondary Socialisation: Schools teach it to every generation.General Knowledge.School acts like a bridge between the family and the society
      • Social Mobility: Meritocracy- social selection use qualifications to pick up best person- learn how to get on with others.
      • Social Control:Learn to follow the rules. Schools act as an agent of social control because they teach this
      • Social Cohesion: The norms and values taught in school reflect the norms and values of the culture and give people identity
      • Important role in british society. It provides a fuction for society fuctionalists perspective
        • The functionlists emphasesis the importance of education as a means of transmitting societys values. But this varies questions see page 4-5
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    • School Diversity
      • Faith Schools
      • City Technology Schools
      • Grammer Schools
      • City Academies  any school and doesn't follow national curriculum. Select up to 15%  of people due to ability in subjects
      • Independent Schools
      • Trust Schools: schools supported by a charitable trust
      • Special schools
        • Disadvantages
        • Advantages
      • State Funded Comprehensive schools: based where you live, you go to this school
      • Specialist schools: select up to 10% of their students on the basis of their ability
    • Hidden Curriculum
      • Routine
      • Achievment and Competiton
      • Dress Code
      • Social Control
      • General Role Allocation
      • Structurs Of Schools
    • The classroom
      • Labelling
      • Teaching
      • Setting and streaming
        • Arguments for
        • Arguments against


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